Styled Wheels

Nothing beats the look of a set of steel wheels for your restored classic, muscle car or hot rod.  Flexible in design with durability and strength, these wheels deliver all elements of style and build.
FIT: Dual Fit / Direct Fit (6×5.5)
CAP: Sold Separately

Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizeBolt PatternOffset ()Rear Spacing (INCH)Center Bore (INCH)Lug Nut TypeRated Load (POUND)Weight (POUND)FinishReplacement CapAdditional Information
999999991429751240B14x75x4.754.13.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150021.5Silver
999999991527415240B15x105x4.5,4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150033.4SilverA-29700
999999991527428240B15x105x5.0, or Bulge Seat Nut150032.7SilverA-29700
999999991527454240B15x65x4.5,4.753.83.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150023.8SilverA-29700
999999991527475240B15x75x4.5,4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150025.8SilverA-29700
999999991527501240B15x75x5.0, or Bulge Seat Nut150026.5SilverA-29700
999999991527522240B15x85x4.5,4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150027.6SilverA-29700
999999991527569240B15x86x5.54.34.3Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150028.4SilverA-29700
999999991527622240B15x85x5.0, or Bulge Seat Nut150027.9SilverA-29700
999999991529752240B15x65x4.753.83.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150023.5Silver
999999991529753240B15x75x4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150026SilverA-29700
999999991529754240B15x85x4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150028SilverA-29700
999999991529755240B15x105x4.754.33.2Conical or Bulge Seat Nut150033.6SilverA-29700

*Lug Nuts not included

Proposition 65 Warning Proposition 65 Warning
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