Styled Wheels

Inspired by its past, the Modern Muscle wheels embody the spirit of street racing and unmatched performance.  Built around passion, personality and preside, these wheels celebrate a Cragar tradition that enthusiasts know and love. 
CONSTRUCTION: 1-Piece Cast Aluminum
FIT: Direct Fit
CAP: Included 

Part Number Sort OrderSKUSizeBolt PatternOffset ()Rear Spacing (INCH)Center Bore (INCH)Lug Nut TypeRated Load (POUND)Weight (POUND)FinishReplacement CapAdditional Information
7614C020127020x105x4.57.00002.8780Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000034.6000ChromeA-614
9614C020207020x105x1207.00002.6420Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000034.4000ChromeA-614
8614C020246020x105x1156.00002.8150Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000034.4000ChromeA-614
4614C085125820x8.55x4.55.85002.8780Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000032.2000ChromeA-614
6614C085205820x8.55x1205.85002.6420Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000032.2000ChromeA-614
5614C085245320x8.55x1155.34002.8150Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000032.2000ChromeA-614
1614C880125818x85x4.55.85002.8780Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000028.7000ChromeA-614
2614C880205818x85x1205.85002.6420Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000028.7000ChromeA-614
3614C880245318x85x1155.34002.8150Conical or Bulge Seat Nut1800.000028.7000ChromeA-614

*Lug Nuts not included

Proposition 65 Warning Proposition 65 Warning
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