Styled wheels bring a variety of flavor and personality


From performance and style to price and durability, styled wheels bring a variety of flavor and personality to your vehicle that is essential to finalize your complete look. With so many wheel option offerings, below is a helpful guide that can help you find your right fit.

All Steel

Nothing beats the look of a set of steel wheels for your restored classic, muscle car or hot rod. Flexible in design with durable body and strength, these wheels deliver all elements of style and build.


  • Two-piece construction
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to repair (if damaged)
  • Classic Designs

Series 344 RallySeries 373 Rally

Series 344 and 373 Rally: Available in silver and chrome, the Rally wheels showcase a traditional look for true muscle car enthusiasts. Sizes range from 14×6 inches to 15×10 inches.

Series 313 Smootie

Series 313 Smoothie: With an acorn style lug, the Series 313 Smoothie wheel has a classic smooth design that comes in chrome. Sizes range from 14×6 inches to 15×10 inches.

All Aluminum

Where style meets the road, alloy wheels are the essence of cool. Aesthetically sleek and fundamentally bold, Cragar all aluminum wheels showcase a balance of performance and modern technology for a smooth ride.


  • One-piece construction
  • Stylish
  • Light-weight for easy handling

Series 610C

Series 610C: Perpetually tasteful, the Mag chrome Series 610C wheel is a head-turner for car enthusiasts. With its chrome plating and direct drill, this wheel comes in sizes ranging from 15×7 inches to 18×8 inches.

Series 614C S/S

Series 614 S/S: Paying tribute to the original S/S wheel, the Series 614 wheel is a modern spin on the original classic. With its 5-spokes and chrome finish, this modern muscle wheel showcases Cragar’s grassroots with fresh style. Sizes range from 18×8 inches to 20×10 inches.


With the best of both worlds, composite wheels provide the strength of a steel rim with the design flexibility of an aluminum center. With its classic design, Cragar composite wheels are most notable for the Series 61C S/S that recently celebrated its 53rd anniversary.


  • Two-piece construction
  • Availability of various widths and backside settings
  • Semi-light weight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • The classic look of the 60s and 70s

The Original Cragar S/S Series 61C

Series 61C S/S: Historically groundbreaking and notably stylish, the Series 61C S/S wheel laid the foundation of the styled wheels industry. Equally durable as it is attractive, the Series 61C S/S is nothing short of a household name that brings prestige and nostalgia to the next level for hot rod enthusiasts. Sizes range from 15×6 inches to 15×14 inches.

Keystone Klassic Series 32

Series 32 Keystone Klassic: Classic in design, the Series 32 Keystone Klassic wheel brings together steel and aluminum in a tasteful construction. Exhibiting a chromed steel outer rim with a black and machined aluminum center, the Keystone Klassic is a popular composite choice. Sizes range from 15×6 inches to 15×14 inches.

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